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Reddit Marketing now as easy as 1 2 3

1/ Find your dream users

Find users using specific keywords, engaging in particular communities or participating in a given topic.

Example : all users that mentioned "problem" and "CRM" in the subreddit "r/sales" in the last 30 days

find users

2/ Create your campaign

Write a compelling outreach message with personnalization variables

Include or exclude specific audience from your audience as needed

create campaign

3/ A better inbox

Default Reddit inbox sucks. We redesigned it as a modern messenger so that you can keep track of all your new leads

You can now profit

reddit inbox

Unified inbox

No need to switch back and forth between multiple Reddit accounts.

Reddit Chat & PM

Send your campaigns using either the "new" Reddit Chat or the "old" Reddit private messages.

Autopilot campaigns

Send messages to new users matching your filters, automatically

Message personnalization

Personnalize your messages with dynamic variables

Campaign stats

Monitor your campaigns performance

Unlimited accounts

Use as many Reddit accounts as you want.

Why Reddit ?
Tap into 52 million daily active users
Organized around communities for easy targeting
Untapped marketing channel
40% average response rate !


$49 /mo

30 messages / day

60 user searches / mo

5 active lists

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$99 /mo

80 messages / day

160 user searches / mo

Unlimited lists

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$249 /mo

200 messages / day

400 user searches / mo

Unlimited lists

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✓ Money Back Guarantee : free refund if prospecdit doesn't work for you

Quick Answers ⚡

If you have any questions, we're here to help. Here's the most common ones, below with the associated answer.

You will get better results using your active Reddit account as people will often look at your profile to check if you're legit.
Reddit users are particularly unsensitive to traditional ads marketing. It's part of the platform culture. With the 1-1 direct messaging offered by Prospecdit, you will have much better results by engaging in genuine conversations !
100% refund if prospecdit doesn't work
Please reach out at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist.